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The resistive common mode choke coil inductor is a device that operates on the principle of electromagnetic induction. When a current flows through a wire, it will produce a certain electromagnetic field around the wire, and the electromagnetic field of the wire itself will be in the electromagnetic field within the scope of induction of the wire. The effect of the wire itself that produces the electromagnetic field is called "self-inductance", that is, the change in current generated by the wire itself changes the magnetic field, which further affects the current in the conductor; the effect on other wires in the range of the electromagnetic field , Called "mutual sense".

Inductance coil electrical characteristics and capacitors on the contrary, "blocking high frequency, through low frequency." High-frequency signal through the inductor coil will encounter a lot of resistance, it is difficult to pass by common mode choke manufacturers ; and low-frequency signal through it when the resistance is relatively small, that low-frequency signal can be easier to pass it. The resistance of the inductor coil to the DC is almost zero.

Resistance, capacitance and inductance, they are in the circuit for the flow of electrical signals will show a certain resistance, this resistance we call the "impedance" of the inductor coil on the current signal impedance is the use of the coil self-inductance. Inductance Coil Sometimes we call it "inductance" or "coil", with the letter "L". When winding the inductance coil, the number of turns around the coil is generally called "turns" of the coil.

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high frequency transformer design steps: first do the following points

1. Determine the number of primary turns. Of course, the first to choose a core of their own friends. Set the primary input voltage is VS, conduction time with TON said, but also set their own core amplitude, I generally take 0.2 to 0.25T, because the forward transformer Is no DC component, so compared to the flyback this value can be taken larger, the original edge turns NP = VSTON / AEB, where AE is the core cross-sectional area.

2. Draw the primary current waveform and calculate the value of the primary current waveform to determine the diameter by high frequency transformer manufacturers . As shown in the following figure, because the current waveform is sensed from the secondary side, the waveform is the inductor current waveform switch tube guide The peak of this current is the peak of the inductor current divided by the number of turns, this will be considered, then the current waveform RMS = (IPV / VS) root under the <KRP square / 3 -KRP + 1) D> and then according to the current value to the election line, the current density Ibid.

3. Determine the waveform of the secondary current and find the effective value of the secondary current waveform. The waveform of the secondary current is the part of the inductor current when the switch is turned on. The waveform is similar to the waveform of the primary current. The waveform of the current is from the induction of the past, I do not draw, the effective value = IP root under the <KRP square / 3-KRP + 1) D>. So go to the line.

4. determine the feed winding, the general and the original side of the same name on the contrary, the use of magnetic reset release voltage induced voltage, I do so, there are some other programs, you master their own study it.

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power transformers is specifically assigned to the terminal with a fixed single or more than the transformer, is the type and type of the most types of transformers. Power transformer function is power transmission, voltage conversion and insulation isolation, as a major soft magnetic electromagnetic components, power technology and power electronics technology has been widely used. According to the size of the transmission power, power transformers can be divided into several files: 10kVA above for high power, 10kVA ~ 0.5kVA for the power, 0.5kVA ~ 25VA for the small power, 25VA below micropower. Transmission power is different from the power transformer design is not the same, it should be self-evident.

high frequency transformer is the operating frequency of more than IF (10kHz) power transformer, mainly used for high-frequency switching power supply for high-frequency switching power supply transformers, but also for high-frequency inverter and high-frequency inverter welding machine for high frequency Variable power transformer. High-frequency transformer is the operating frequency of more than IF (10kHz) power transformer, mainly used for high-frequency switching power supply for high-frequency switching power supply transformers, but also for high-frequency inverter and high-frequency inverter welding machine for high-frequency reverse Variable power transformer. According to the operating frequency level can be divided into several grades: 10kHz ~ 50kHz, 50kHz ~ 100kHz, 100kHz ~ 500kHz, 500kHz ~ 1MHz, 1MHz or more.

Transmission power is relatively large, the operating frequency is relatively low; transmission power is relatively small, the operating frequency is relatively high. In this way, both the difference in operating frequency, but also the difference between the transmission power, the operating frequency of different grades of power transformer design method is not the same, it should be self-evident. As stated in the "Power Technology Application" editor's message: "Specifically analyzing the specific situation", the purpose of writing is to try to figure out the most difficult to elaborate and select one of the magnetic components of the high-frequency power transformer design problem.

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high frequency transformer are widely used in switching power supplies, medical equipment, communications equipment, aerospace, industrial equipment, household appliances, digital products, automotive electronics, LED drive circuit, inverter, inverter, rectifier, computer power supply, power adapter each field.

High-frequency transformer has always been a power supply equipment and devices:

With the growing demand for consumer electronics products, the development of the transformer industry is also very rapid, electronic technology in a wide range of applications are widely. The vast number of consumer demand for consumer electronics products continue to grow, for the development of electronic transformer industry has brought unlimited opportunities.

high frequency transformer manufacturers has always been a power supply equipment and devices, reduce the size, improve power density, to achieve a modular blockbank. Although the introduction of high-frequency conversion technology, you can get rid of the huge frequency transformer, but also need to use ferrite core high-frequency transformer. The size of the ferrite core high frequency transformer is smaller than that of the frequency transformer, but the requirement to leave the modularity is also very different. It is not only the volume is too large, and its heat, leakage inductance is not small. High-frequency flat-panel transformer research and development success, the transformer technology to make a leap.

It not only can reduce the volume of the transformer a lot, but also make the transformer internal temperature rise is very low, leakage inductance is very small, the efficiency can be 99.6%, the cost of the same power than the average half of the transformer. It can be used for single-ended positive, flyback, half-bridge, full-bridge and push-pull converters for AC / DC and DC / DC converters. It is particularly suitable for low voltage, high current converters. So use it to do contemporary computer power is particularly appropriate.

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SMPS transformers switching converter, is a high-frequency power conversion device. Its function is a standard voltage, through the different forms of architecture to convert the user to the required voltage or current.

Modern switching power supply there are two: one is the DC switching power supply; the other is the AC switching power supply. Switch here only describes the DC switching power supply, its function is poor power quality of the original ecological power, such as power or battery-powered, conversion equipment, to meet the requirements of high-quality DC voltage. DC switching power supply is the core of DC / DC converters. Therefore, the classification of DC switching power supply depends on the classification of DC / DC converters. That is, the DC switching power supply is classified and the DC / DC converter is basically the same classification, and the DC / DC converter is basically the same type of DC switching power supply.

The toroidal transformers is the main type of electronic transformer that has been widely used in home appliances and other technical requirements for electronic equipment, and its main use is as a power transformer and isolation transformer.

No air gap ring transformer electrical efficiency of the core, the stack coefficient can be as high as 95%.

Vibration and noise can reduce the gap is not a small core of the core vibration caused by noise, tightly wrap the ring core winding uniform, effectively reduce the "buzzing" sound magnetostrictive.

Low operating temperature due to iron loss can be done when 1.1W / kg, iron loss is small, low core temperature, with lower core heat dissipation winding temperature, so low temperature rise transformer. Easy to install toroidal transformer

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Do you use a toroidal transformer in the dimming circuit? In fact, whether it is a ring transformer or a square transformer, do not recommend a large area used in the dimming circuit. The following detailed explanation of the reasons for this one.

This is because the toroidal transformers for audio and square transformer are to work in the sine wave circuit, the general market dimming products through the cutting sine wave to achieve, if the use of the transformer, it will cause the sine wave is not complete, making the transformer Not working in the best condition, there is vibration, noise, light flashing these strange situation is normal, because the working state of the transformer is a problem.

So, whether it is a audio toroidal transformer or a square transformer, do not recommend a large area used in the dimming circuit!

Of course, "not recommended" does not mean a complete ban, there are very few parts of the market, not by cutting the sine wave to achieve dimming products, can be used. Cut the sine wave of the dimmer connected to the ring transformer or square transformer in the individual, no problem is yes, but a large area of ​​use is certainly easy to go wrong.

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